Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm Really Respect and Accept You The Way You Are

Assalamaualaikum w.b.t

The reason between ur choice,
The deepest one is only u and Allah know,
U can only show the 'appearance' reason to others,
And just keep calm and smile, 
How much they try to dig 'the deepest fake' reason from the 'appearance' reason u give them. 
As long as u not cross the border of Allah, 
U just see how they react and just respect their principle,
Without 'killing' your own principle.

This was the facebook status that I made last Sunday while I'm waiting my sister who were having the symposium about asthma of paediatrics. 

Because I'm not blaming him about what he said, but he also need to remember, everybody have their own principle, not only him. I also has my own principle, and why I need just to listen to his principle?

In my life, my principle had built through my own journey of life. What is the best for me and others.

In his life, the best deeds that he give to others, he believe Allah will give back to him in a great compliments.

I agreed with his principle, I respect his principle, but not meaning that, I'm gonna change my own principle.

My principle: As long I help myself, the good deeds to others will come along. Not meaning that I'm gonna to drop off all the good deeds to others, but in the situation, I need to choose. Which one is the best to me and also others. I'm believe with all the hardwork because Allah, no matter in academics or curriculum, if not crossing the border of syariatullah and sunnatullah, Allah will like it.

As the Prof Muhaya said: "Orang yang tiada apa-apa, tidak akan mampu memberi."

Allah give us the choice. And it's all depends on us how to choose it. I'm not doing the good deeds to get back what I'm losing, but I'm doing the good deeds because Allah like it. No matter anywhere or anytime He want to pay back to me, I'm not waiting for it. Because I know, I'm only His slave. A slave not asking for gift/pay from what he/she did, the slave only accept what his/her Employers give. 

Allah are not torturing me, that's the thing that I'm always try to remember to myself. Everything that happens in my life, I'm trying to take a deep breath, trying to calm, and thinking of positive side. 

How much the others not agreed with me, it is not really matter to me. The one that always make me crying is, when I'm feeling Allah don't like the way I'm acting/doing something. That's really borders me a lot.

To him, I know he try to give an advice to me. Thanks a lot. But, people always said: Men from Mars, Women from Venus. 

I'm not really sensitive person. I'm trying to be positive and sensitive about others feeling. Although I know you also want to take care my feeling, but the way you react, the way you message, is really not persuading me that you are advising me, but you are forcing me to take your principle.

However, thanks. That's all I can tell. Showing to me, you are really take care of me although the way is really not suited with me.

#It just feeling weird when the best friend keep silent without having conversation together.
#It just feeling awkward, when I just feeling only want to keep silent. And just about work, trying to be professional, only because of that, I'm starting to speak with you.
#It seemed weird when trying to go back to last moments, when we are still discussing and sharing our problem.

But, because of our own principle, we are kept silent to each other. And I'm just follow the way you want. 
Just... an advice to you: you can expressed your own principle, but you cannot forcing others to follow yours. Respect others' principle as long as their principle not cross Allah and Islam border.

#May Allah bless. "Saying: I'm really respect and accept you the way you are. Thanks a lot, pal" 

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