Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bersangka baik

It's just shocking when you are even dont have any meaning to make a friend of you, feeling so irritated with you, just saying a thing that you are think which is good to him/her, but at last, he/she 'terasa' with you.

It's just.......
"Dah kenape kawan aku sorang ni? Terasa tetiba... Aku bagi pesanan macam biasa jek pun"

The thing will become worse if you are even forget that everybody can accept things differently, everybody can misunderstand the good thing you are wanted to wish, even everybody can think whatever they like.

This situation even make me think, how the word from our mouth and from our keyboard can cause a really haywire situation if wr, ourselves are not want to expect the good things from our own friends.

If you are really in a deep feeling with your friend, especially your buddies, your friend that you are very long enough you have laugh and cried together, put 'bersangka baik' first. Accept your mistakes or his/her mistakes and just forgive although you can't make yourself forget about the situation.

That's it for today's feeling. InshaAllah keep praying to Allah for your self, your friends, your parents and so on.
Good bye & Assalamualaikum.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Air Mata Yang Lama Bertakung

Air mata yang bertakung,
Bertahun lamanya,
Tidak berjujuran.

Aku mampu merasai nikmat ini kembali,
Aku mampu merasai air mata ini kembali,
Aku mampu merasai ketenangan ini kembali.

Jangan Kau biarkan aku kelaparan,
Jangan Kau biarkan aku kedahagaan,
Sebuah rasa kehambaan,
Sebuah rasa kebergantungan,
Kepada sebuah Kerahmatan.

Bila aku kedahagaan dan kelaparan,
Aku menakung kembali air mata,
Walau sentiasa berjujuran,
Biarkan takungan itu sering mengalir,
Melemparkan dosa-dosa ke lautan.